Something happened to business marketing.

You used to craft your message, select your audience, and directly reach them. Whether through mailed catalogues, direct mail coupons (made famous by Bed, Bath, & Beyond), email blasts, blogs, or SEO, it felt like you owned your audience. Because you did.

Today, marketing success relies on other people's platforms. Success is not owned, but rented. You have to enter into a perpetual landlord-tenant agreement. Every month you pay Google or Facebook for more and more attention. And if you stop paying, you don't get the attention you need to sell your products. 

Every month you have to spend hours guessing what type of post will go viral. And if you don’t stop creating tons of content to test which the algorithm likes best, BOOM, you're evicted!

For nearly two decades, this reliance on social media ads & algorithms benefitted the platforms greatly. With routine payments to the Church of Facebook ads or Google ads, businesses were able to grow profitably, so long as they kept making their payments.

But we would ask you to add up your ad spend on these platforms last year. Shouldn’t you own that audience by now? Instead of having to pay them a tax to reach them every single time?

Introducing The Newsletter Team’s new Accelerator.

It will help you turn your brand’s existing email list into a revenue-generating newsletter.

Why do this? Because every $1 you spend to Facebook gets someone to your website but 98 out of every 100 of those clicks will never purchase something from you on that visit. So then you have to pay Facebook another $1 to reach that site visitor again, and again, and again.

Your business should be able to contact its audience without paying Facebook every time. 

That’s what your brand’s newsletter does.

And not only will we help you create yours… we’ll ensure its success with our proven landing page templates, secret monetization strategies, and much more.

We’ve done it for many brands & we’ll do it for you too. 

Because your business shouldn’t be at the mercy of other people’s platforms.

See if you are a fit to join the team here 👇🏼